Temptation – Book IV of The Martyr Series


Jump into the fourth installment of The Martyr Series with Temptation!

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The Underground is thriving, Wrath is on the run… And a fifth Virtue has appeared in New York City.

As the Seven Deadly Sins reel from another devastating loss, the Martyrs find themselves in a position they never could have imagined. They have more people, more resources, and more hope than ever before. For the first time in one hundred and fifty years, it looks like they may do more than sustain this war. They could win it.

While Darius Jones tries to bring a new Virtue into the fold and Thorn works to wipe the remaining Sins from the map, the Underground glows with a new-found confidence. Darius is driving them toward a victory they’d long since stopped believing in, and even Thorn is hungry for a life that’s more than constant conflict. 

But it may be too good to last…

Even from the shadows, the Sins carve deep wounds, and the new Virtue proves more complicated than Darius originally thought. Old traumas are dredged to the surface, and it soon becomes clear that everything they’ve built can crumble more easily than it came together. Darius and Thorn are faced with the impossible question…

Is it even possible to build a new future with the past breathing down their necks?

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Paperback, Hardcover with Dust Jacket


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