Conviction – Book II of The Martyr Series


Have you outgrown your favorite fantasy series? Are you ready for something darker, heavier, that will keep you up at night because you just can’t put it down?

Enter The Martyr Series.

The thrilling follow-up to Resurrection, Conviction pulls you even further into the world of the Martyrs. This gripping urban fantasy series will suck you into an alternate reality where The Seven Deadly Sins are more than just fables told to keep the masses in line under the threat of hell…They are hell, and they’re here on earth. If you’re looking for a dark contemporary fantasy adventure that makes commentary on everything from religious norms to socioeconomic figures, if you love strong characters that break the tropes of what it means to be a hero, and if you’re ready rediscover what it means to fall in love with fantasy again, join Darius Jones as he fights to resurrect his identity, his passion, and his purpose after he’s pulled into an underground war.

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The unimaginable has happened… A Sin has been DESTROYED.

For the first time in decades, the Martyrs have something to celebrate: Pride is gone. While the Underground revels in this victory, seeing hope through a darkness so thick they never thought they’d escape it, Darius Jones only has one thing on his mind:

How can they do it again?

The hunt to bring more Virtues into the Underground begins, but everything is thrown into chaos when bombs start lighting up New York City and Thorn Rose is nearly killed. The Martyrs are pulled between stopping the violence, protecting their own, and bringing in the only people who can eradicate the Sins for good.

Things start to look up when Darius tracks down a Virtue, but there’s a problem… He might not have what it takes. The man challenges everything Darius knows about the Martyrs. And worse, he shines a harsh light on every mistake, lie, and secret lurking in the Underground, dismantling the fragile trust Thorn and Darius have worked so hard to build. Soon, Darius is faced with a complication he never expected…

Can he convince a Virtue to be more Virtuous?

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