Shipping Times

Items are print on demand, so shipping times vary, but most items will print and ship within three days of purchase. If you’d like an update on your order, please us at with your order number or use a tracking number or link.

Refunds and Returns

Refunds and returns are available for damaged goods. This can be things like manufacturing errors, items arriving with holes, or the order arriving with clear, demonstrable damage. To do so, please reach out with photo evidence of the item’s improper condition.

We do not require customers to return any items. Photo evidence will be sufficient for any discussion.

If an order arrives with manufacturing errors, in the wrong size, or has other obvious errors, we’ll happily work with you to find a solution. However, if a customer simply changes their minds regarding a sale, it’s unlikely that a refund, exchange, or other special treatment will be offered.

For questions regarding returns and refunds, reach out to us at