Devotion – Book III of The Martyr Series *SIGNED*


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They’ve finally proven themselves to be a threat. Now, the Martyrs are being hunted.

New York City has become more dangerous than ever before. The Sins are out for blood, and they always seem to be one step ahead. The NYPD has been mobilized against the Martyrs, people are dying, and it won’t be long before they don’t have the manpower to keep up the fight. Darius Jones isn’t about to let that happen.

This war has taken everything from him: friends, family, and all the people he’s ever loved. The only thing he has left is the battle against the Sins, and he’s coming apart at the seams to make sure they win. Thorn is desperate to keep him from working himself into an early grave, but with the rest of the Underground in shambles, she’s hardly managing to hold them all together.

If something doesn’t change, the Martyrs won’t survive.

New recruitment protocols bring in an unlikely candidate: an ex-cop with ties to the Sins. His presence tears open deep wounds in the Martyrs, which only get worse with the discovery of another Virtue – a Virtue with no desire to join their war. As resentment begins to devour the Underground from the inside out, Darius realizes something terrifying:

His life isn’t the only thing he stands to lose.

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Paperback, Hardcover with Dust Jacket


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