It’s almost time! 

On Wednesday, I received the first print-proofs of Resurrection, and let me tell you, holding the physical copies of my book in my hand (even with the words “not for resale” printed across the cover, was an emotional experience. 

This book has been my passion for one and a half decades. Literally half of my life. It’s bittersweet to finally be here.


And it’s time to announce the OFFICIAL COVER of the book, and… the release date! 

Resurrection: Book I Of The Martyr Series COVER REVEALED

Resurrection Cover Reveal

I just can’t stop looking at it. It’s so sexy! 

One of the things about self publishing is having to do everything on your own. Luckily, I’m not alone. This cover came about because a friend of mine had the decency to be brutally honest and say, “Hey, Mary, I know you worked really hard on your cover, but I don’t think it does your book justice.” 

That sent me on a spiraling journey of not sleeping until I fixed it, and THIS is the final result. 

(Find yourself people who will challenge your work, because it only makes you grow).  

Now, the question we’ve all been wondering… When will the book come out?

Alongside finalizing the cover art, I’ve also settled on a release date. 

Resurrection Launches July 17, 2021 

Resurrection will be published for both print AND Kindle at midnight the morning of July 17, and the audiobook will come shortly thereafter (or at the same time – it really depends if I can get my butt in gear to record it). 

If you want to be first in line when it goes live (AKA, get email updates at midnight), as well as the potential to get a copy for FREE (just pay shipping – I gotta figure out how to set that up!), you can join my email waiting list by visiting the official Martyrs Resurrection website

You can also subscribe to my blog, or follow me on Instagram or Facebook (either my author page OR the Martyrs official page). 

Talk to you soon!

MC Hunton

MC Hunton is a bright personality with a shockingly dark taste in the stories she writes. She has been obsessed with storytelling since she was a child and has been honing her craft for over two decades. MC graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing in 2010 and has been working on her debut series, The Martyr Series, since 2005. She has a penchant for fast-paced action, deeply-rooted sociopolitical and spiritual themes, and emotionally driven plot and character development.