BLACK FRIDAY DEAL! The Martyr Series Bundle

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Mankind has been at war since the dawn of time… and mankind is losing.

Welcome to New York City, where the Seven Deadly Sins are not just a myth. They’re ruthless, powerful beings so volatile, so pervasive, that their corruption has become ingrained into the very fabric of human society.

For eons, the Sins have brought out the worst in mankind, quietly forcing it to its knees, viciously removing anyone and anything that stood in their way. It has been a long-losing war with no end in sight…

Until Darius Jones joins the fight.

Darius finds himself with the Martyrs, an organization standing as New York’s last line of defense against the Sins, and he’s thrown into a world he never could have imagined: full of senseless violence, unfettered hatred, and a supernatural evil that is spreading further and faster than ever before.

Now, Darius must question everything he thinks he knows about what it means to be good in a world dominated by so much evil and discover if he has what it takes to be a part of this war…

…if he even wants to be.

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Paperback, Hardcover


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