How writing made finding baby girl names almost impossible.

Thank god my husband and I are expecting a boy. Not only was it super easy for us to come up with a boy’s name that we both really loved (we had Calvin picked out for our first son’s name before we even got married), but I’ve pretty much ruined eighty percent of the girl’s names I actually like.

In other words, I’ve used them for characters in my books.

That may seem like no biggie, right? Like, “of course, MC–you’re a writer. It makes sense that you’ve used the names you like in your novel.” And while yeah, that is true and sensical, it also makes it really challenging for coming up with names for my future children.

Because, you see, in some way, shape, or form… I’ve already used those names for children.

A perfect example is Mackenzie. I love the name Mackenzie. I love the nickname Mack. I think it’s super cute and fun. I also have a character named Mackenzie in The Martyr Series, and she’s pretty much a badass. Even so, the name Mackenzie was never really in the running for potential names for our hypothetical little girl, and not just because my husband vetoed it (which he did, by the way).

Honestly, it’s because I can’t stand the idea of having a child named after a character who plays a big role in my stories.

What if my baby girl Mackenzie was nothing like the character? What if this expectation of who a “Mackenzie” is was totally shattered by my baby? What if my baby, and eventually grown child, made me question ever using the name for my character in the first place? And, most importantly, how the hell would hypothetical child-Mackenzie feel about being named after my drunken Irish character with acute nymphomania?

Ahem. I think you get my point.

Of course, if I did use the same name as one of my characters for a child, I’m sure everything would play out way differently. And, naturally, it’s not like I wouldn’t love my child if they didn’t fit my idea of what a name was supposed to mean.

Really, I just can’t imagine naming two people the same thing. For perimeter characters who never really play a huge role, sure, but for those that are heavily involved in the storylines of my books? Those characters don’t feel very fictional to me–especially not the ones in Martyrs. I’ve known most of them longer than I’ve know my husband!

What do you guys think? Is that a crazy thing that only I do, or would you be able to give your children and your characters the same names?


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  1. Cuckoo Cuckoo…..just kidding….:)

    I have fav characters but wouldn’t expect them or be disappointed to have the personality be diff from my son or daughter…

    But I am thinking for you it is a good that you are having a boy…….whoo! a close one..:)


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