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The Martyr Series

The Martyr Series is a dark urban fantasy novel series set in near-present New York. The Seven Deadly Sins are not a thing of myth anymore.

The first book of The Martyr Series, titled Martyrs, is complete at approximately 97,000 words and is currently being queried to literary agents.

* * *

New York. 2090.

The world is corrupt and destitute. Society has fallen into an amorale and desolate pit. Time seems to move backward. Progress is stymied; poverty and disease run rampant on the streets.

Darius Jones spent most of his life on those streets. Orphaned himself, he and his friends take homeless children in, stealing and bartering for essentials on the dirty street market to make ends meet and survive the harsh New England winter. It’s a modest life, but it’s a life nonetheless.

Until Darius comes home one day only to find his orphanage completely massacred. Children, no older than twelve, cut down in cold blood. Suddenly, things don’t seem so simple anymore.

Darius’s life turns upside down as he is pulled into a centuries-old war between the Martyrs, an underground organization living outside of society’s scope, and the Seven Deadly Sins, a very real, and very dangerous evil that has been slowly corrupting humanity since the dawn of time.

In the wake of losing everything he’d ever known, Darius isn’t sure he’s ready to become a part of such a violent and desperate battle. But that all changes when Darius realizes he’s not just a pawn on the playing field. He’s a queen.

Can Darius be the catalyst he must become to lead the Martyrs to victory after decades of bloodshed and death, or is the war already too far lost for him to make a difference?


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