A new year at MCHunton.com!

So, I’m not going to lie–it’s been nice having a bit of a break from writing for my blog all the time. But now, as I promised, I’m going to let you know what you can come to expect from MCHunton.com.

I spent this week cleaning up my house for a barbecue I’m having this weekend, working more than I want to admit I was working, and planning the new schedule now that I’ve finished my insane mission of writing one blog every day for an entire year. I’ve put so much work into this site, I can’t just let it fall to the side, can I?

I came to a few conclusions (with the help of my husband and my Google Analytics account), and I’m excited to share them with you.

So, starting on Monday, August 25, this is how things will look around here:

Three-Day A Week Schedule
So, while I’m not going to do a blog every single day, I still want to maintain a solid presence. That means I plan on writing a blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from here on out. No more weekends (thank god), and no more wasted blog posts on days where I’m less likely to get readers on the site. Speaking of being less likely to get readers on the site…

Limited Holiday Posting
I may occasionally post very brief things on holidays, but in general, I’m not going to be wasting my breath on high quality content (if any content at all) on these days. Typically, no one gets online on Christmas, at least not long enough to do anything other than post a few status updates and “like” a few others, so it’s not really worth my time or yours to write a whole lot in the holiday periods. That means that there probably won’t be posts the Friday after Thanksgiving and shit like that. It’s okay. You shouldn’t be reading my blog anyway–spend time with your family!

Specialized Images
Another thing I’m going to change is the kind of number of images I use. Do you know how hard it was to find a unique image for every single blog for a year? Borderline impossible. This year, I’ve split my blog into different sections, and each section will get its own image. That means all the blogs about The Martyr Series will have the same featured image. All the blogs personal to my life will, too, and so on and so forth. I took most of these pictures, as well, so you can enjoy that fact. Oh, and I’m also doing them in black and white, because I like black and white. Nice and classic.

Weekly Writing Prompts
Now, this is my favorite part about the new blog schedule. Every single Monday, I’ll be adding posts to a new series called “Monday Muse.” The gist of it is, I find an awesome writing prompt from a book or online, and I put the prompt up online so other writers can find inspiration. More than that, I’ll also have my own writing to the prompt posted underneath the prompt itself. That means I’ll get to get back into creative writing for the blog, and you guys will get to see more of my work.

The best part about the one-a-day schedule is that it kept me writing on something for a solid year. The worst part was that it made it hard to focus on creative writing, so this writing prompt thing will let me do that. I’m also going to try to write about Martyrs characters for most of the prompts, so you get to know the characters before the book is published. Lucky you!

As for the Wednesday and Friday posts, you can expect them to be along the lines of what you read in the last year: anecdotes about my life, writing samples from both Martyrs and other works, writing tips and tricks, and news and updates on what’s going on in the publishing space.

So! That’s it! I’ll see you guys next week, starting off with our first “Monday Muse!”


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