NOT a Monday Muse: Busy weekend and baby shower!

Hey guys! You may have noticed the distinct lack of blog post on Friday. That’s because it was Halloween (and Nevada day!) and I didn’t feel like writing one. I told you I’d be lazy about posting on and around the holidays, right? Well, there you go.

And today, I’m not going to write another Monday Muse, mostly because my weekend was totally taken up by other activities and I didn’t have time (and didn’t feel like) hunting down a prompt to write about.

And by “other activities,” I mean my baby shower!

My awesome mother-in-law and I spent the vast majority of last week preparing for the baby shower on Saturday. Between that, having some family in town from Canada, and the Annual Harry Potter Party (this year I dressed myself and the baby-bump up as the golden snitch and my husband went as Victor Krum), it’s a miracle I kept up with the other blogs I had to get done!

Then last night, when I sat down to find a writing prompt after a long day of washing tons of baby clothes, finalizing the decor in the nursery, and updating the baby book of the last few weeks’ events, I realized something.

I didn’t feel like writing one!

(Warning: This will probably happen a lot after the baby is born. Sorry!)

So Monday Muse will start up again next week (but if you need a Monday Muse fix, check out this piece a friend of mine wrote based on last week’s prompt!). And instead, this week, you’ll get a few pictures from my baby shower!

Because we threw it on Dia de los Muertos, Mom-in-Law and I figured it would make an awesome theme for the shower! We didn’t really think through how that would mean we’d be spending hours decorating sugar skulls, making cookies, and fighting tooth and nail with royal icing. My hands ached after all this, but seriously? The results were way worth it!

The other fun thing about doing a Dia de los Muertos theme was that it gave us the opportunity to make a shrine to my mom. That’s what they do on Dia de los Muertos–build shrines to commemorate and celebrate the lives of the people they’ve lost. We decorated it with flowers and Halloween decorations and things that Mom loved!

Regardless, the baby shower was a huge success and I’m so excited that Calvin is going to be born into a group of family and friends who already love him so much.

We’ll get back onto writing in the upcoming days! Thank you!












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