Mendocino Starfish

Mendocino: the foggiest place on Earth.

If Mendocino isn’t really the foggiest place on Earth, it’s at least in the top ten. Maybe the top fifty. But it’s up there.

Every year, the Partner in Crime and his family go to the coast to catch Abalone (AKA, the most expensive meat on the market). If you aren’t familiar with what Abalone are, they’re massive mollusks divers peel off shore rocks with a long, iron rod.

You heard right. The most expensive meat on the market is essentially a giant, slimy, sea-snail.

Anyway, every year the PiC and his family travel to the coast to hunt these little buggers down–and by hunt I obviously mean casually swim up to them, pick out the largest ones, and pry them off rocks. The actual family trip is next month, but my husband and his best friend were set on going this last weekend, so away we went.

Now, I don’t dive. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of diving, more that I don’t like the idea of jumping into the cold-as-shit Pacific ocean. After diving at the Great Barrier Reef, in waters that were at least seventy-degrees, I’m really not down with that whole “freeze your metaphorical nuts off” thing. Instead, I sat on the beach with my camera, expecting to get some awesome shots of the boys diving.

Instead, I got this:

Foggy Mendocino

Foggy Mendocino. Look, Ma–no horizon!

Luckily, I know how to improvise, and instead I put my macro lens to good use and got up close and personal with some of the tide-pool life. Later on, I also took some cool shots of the campfire (this time not with my macro lens, because I didn’t want to fuel the flames with my camera).

Also, this slideshow is wonky because not all the pictures have the same orientation. Oops.

EDIT: No longer a slideshow, because the tags changed when my layout changed. Double oops.


It was nice to get to use my photography for a change, even if it was just to take super up-close-and-personal pictures of starfish. It’s a nice change-of-pace from the every day, which was definitely a welcome relief (didn’t I mention how much vacationing helps in the stress department in a previous blog?)

Another thing I got to do this weekend was finish the book I’d been reading. It’s the last book of a trilogy, and of course, my favorite character died. Three times.

I also got to eat s’mores. Approximately 80% of my calories in the last forty-eight hours came from s’mores, I’m pretty sure. The rest was bacon.

Pretty sure that means I won.

Sorry for the super-lame, last-minute, disorganized mess of a blog post, guys. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to sleep on my bed tonight.


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