Lazy Monday.

All right. It’s not really “lazy,” so much as it is “Now that I don’t have to write a blog post every day to keep up with some ridiculous promise to myself that I would for an entire year, I’m not going to.”

You’ve probably gathered by now there’s no “Monday Muse” this week. Here’s why:

I’ve been out of town since late night Friday and, in fact, as this article is being posted to my website, I’m most likely on my way home at thirty-thousand feet. Considering I’ll be far too pregnant to travel for the holidays this year, my husband and I went down to Spokane to hang out with my family before the baby comes.

The last year of writing a blog every day was fun and exhilarating, but also exhausting. I promised myself (and my Partner in Crime) I wouldn’t work myself to the bone now that the year is up, so I didn’t write a Monday Muse while I was on vacation. Instead, I hung out with my dad, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I get to see these guys three times a year–if I’m lucky!–so I didn’t want to be glued to a computer instead of spending time with people I love.

Anyway, you’re not totally out of luck. Two awesome guys did write for the prompt from last Monday, and they sent me links to their work. I wanted to share it with you and give these writers some much-deserved recognition.

So! Here they are! Enjoy yourselves, and I’ll talk to you on Wednesday!

Here’s the first one, which will leave you wanting to crawl in bed with your parents like you haven’t done since you were tiny.

And here’s the second, which leaves you wondering what the hell’s going to happen next (cliffhangers, yo).


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