Hemingwrite is here! Well, almost.

A while back, I posted an article about some cool tech toys for the writer-types in your life. The top of this list was a cool little device called “Hemingwrite,” which is essentially a modern typewriter. In other words, a device strictly designed for writing to help keep writers from getting distracted (because God knows there isn’t a more distractible group of people than writers).

Well, at the writing of that last article, the Hemingwrite was still just an idea – mostly. They didn’t have a release date or a price or, well, anything that would help would-be buyers of the device. Earlier this week (or was it last week? I can’t remember anything – I’m pregnant), I got an email from the Hemingwrite team announcing their Kickstarter (and their presale)!

Check out the video and the link. They already have a ton of backers and most of their presale Hemingwrite rewards have already been claimed! Regardless, it’s something I figured you guys would like to see!

Here’s the Kickstarter!


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