Happy birthday fluff-post! 5 facts about my relationship.

So, to be totally honest, you guys almost didn’t get a blog post today. I’ve been watching my business partner’s kids and house for the last few days, which basically means I haven’t been home much at all (it’s hard to “run home” in the middle of the day when I have to drop one kid off at 9:30 AM and pick the other UP at 2:15 PM and my house is a solid half-hour drive away). Being away from the house basically meant that my routine was totally thrown off and that I took that advantage in laziness and didn’t write today’s blog post last night like I usually do. So, long story short, by the time noon rolled around today I still didn’t have an article written. Oops.

I was going to go off of that whole “today’s a holiday” thing because, at least in my world, it is–my husband’s birthday! Last year I wrote a blog about his birthday, which, to my surprise, ended up one of the pages with the most single visitors on my site during that whole, twelve-month stint of writing a blog every day. This blog will most likely not be that popular.

Anyway, back on track–you almost didn’t get a blog post today essentially because I was lazy, but when I realized how quickly Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my baby’s due date were coming up in the next six weeks, I also realized that meant there would be a lot of days in the future where I’m not writing blog posts. The good ol’ Catholic guilt set in, and I figured the least I could do would be to write up something quick and easy (something that didn’t make me think too hard, really), and, because it’s my Partner in Crime’s birthday, what better subject than him!?

(Feel free to stop reading now if you were here for anything more than fluff-material about my life to fill in the schedule I’ve set for myself.)

So here it is: five random facts about my relationship with my husband:

I won him over on our first date by quoting both “Galaxy Quest” and “When Harry Met Sally.”
The “Galaxy Quest” line was legitimate, as I absolutely loved that movie before I met him, but I actually stole the quote from “When Harry Met Sally” from his Facebook page. He had it listed as one of his favorite movies and I ran across the quote when I was stalking him researching him before our date.

I was briefly known as “the girl who was dating Unicycle-Guy.”
We were still in college, and my husband rode a three-foot diameter unicycle around campus to get from class to class. Needless to say, people recognized him (and me, by association).

His mother and grandmother drunkenly claimed me into the family long before he’d really decided he wanted to propose.
Basically, they pulled me over to him at a party and told him they liked me and they were keeping me in the family, whether he liked it or not (and that he’d better not eff it up). Luckily, he agreed!

He asked my father for permission to marry me and told my mother the exact date he planned on proposing the night before she died.
Since it became painfully clear that Mom wouldn’t make it to see the proposal in person, he wanted to make sure she knew and get her blessing before popping the question. Even though she was pretty out-of-it from her painkillers, she congratulated him and hugged him.

One of the longest-standing arguments we have is about the correct way to eat milk and cookies.
I’m a dipper, but he believes that dipping cookies into milk ruins the milk, so he does the bite-and-swish. He’s wrong, but I love him anyway.

Have a great day, you guys! And happy birthday to the best guy I know!


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  1. Love it…thanks for the tidbits about you and your guy….sounds like a great relationship you guys have….. and what is this dissent eating about milk and cookies? I personally take a hammer and break them up and put them in a cereal bowl filled with milk……:) Many best wishes on having your baby….

    Philip Wardlow

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