My family is awesome.

By far, the hardest part about my pregnancy has been not having my mother here with me.

Most women go through their pregnancies with an abundance of support from their families, and especially their mothers, who are eager to see their grandchild brought into the world and who know better than most what their daughters are about to go through. I’ve had several friends who have talked about how much closer they and their mothers grew during the nine months of their pregnancies, and how much more they appreciate their mothers now that they themselves are one.

I’m really sad I’m missing out on that.

The second hardest part has been being so far away from my side of the family. Don’t get me wrong – my husband’s family is absolutely amazing, and they’ve been more than supportive enough. I don’t want to sound like I’m not grateful for all the love and affection they give me, because trust me, I am far from neglected here. It’s very clear to me how much I’m loved and I am grateful for that every single day. Without them, this whole thing would probably be a catastrophic mess rather than a first-world problem.

At the same time, though, my own sisters and my father are a fourteen-hour car ride away, and so are all the aunts and uncles I grew up with. Most of the family I’ve had for my entire life is nowhere near to me, and they’ve missed out on a lot of the most exciting parts of my pregnancy – and they’re going to miss out on most of the rest, too.

So when I got an invitation to my surprise baby shower in the mail, I almost cried.

As you know, my husband and I went to visit my family in Spokane this weekend since I’ll be too pregnant to fly by the time the holidays roll around. I was expecting to spend the weekend just hanging out and visiting with my loved ones, as well as celebrating my youngest sister’s seventeenth birthday. So when I got the invitation a few weeks ago and learned they were throwing me a baby shower while I was there, it was a really big surprise, and I was extremely touched.

I expected the baby shower to be something my family missed out on–like they missed out on the gender reveal and like they will miss out on the birth. While my amazing mother-in-law and family friend and I were going over the baby shower I’ll have here, I was upset that, even though I planned on sending out invitations to my aunts, cousins, and sisters, they probably wouldn’t be able to attend. It’s the way life works–I did decide to live this far away, after all–but a marriage is a joining of families, and I was sad mine was so far away.

The baby shower was a blast, not just because of the games and the cake and the gifts, but because I got to spend time with people I didn’t think I’d get to for this part of my pregnancy journey.

That being said, this is old news to my Facebook friends and followers, but I wanted to make sure that the news got out there: I’m so grateful for my family, both the family I’ve always had and the one that graciously adopted me in when I met my husband. Thank you guys for making my life awesome.

Now, I promise Friday’s post will have something to do with writing!


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