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Hey guys. Sorry today’s blog post is coming in super late. As you’ve probably gathered, I’ve been exceptionally lazy about getting the blog posts written the day before (I haven’t caught up from my most recent trip out of town–and I have another coming up. Ahh!). Long story short, work has picked up speed, I’ve been dealing with trips and parties and graduations, and I recently had a head cold/flu thingy that put me out of commission for a while. They’re all lame excuses, but it’s all I’ve got.

Essentially, I need to catch up.

Anyway, today’s article comes courtesy of one of my cousins–and one of the most avid readers of my blog (Hey, Jared!). After a slew of client meetings today, I got on my Facebook to find this link in my inbox.

Basically, from what I can gather, this Humble Bundle website is a weekly deal site (anyone who knows me also probably knows I have a deeply loving relationship with Woot!). Also from what I gather, everything they sell is downloadable, so you don’t need to wait the standard five to seven business days to get your cool new stuff.

But this isn’t just your ordinary daily (weekly?) deal site. Not only does this one have downloadable ebooks in any format you need, and not only does this site offer awesome deals if you pay over a certain amount, but it does two really cool, unique things I haven’t seen from other sites:

One, it lets you choose how much you’re going to spend. That’s right. You don’t need to fork over how much money the books are worth when purchased in a traditional store–you fork over how much they’re worth to you.

And two, the money is divided out and sent to charity groups. But not just that–you have the option to choose how your money is divided, and whether the profits go to the authors of the books themselves (rad), the foundation charities available (also rad), or the Humble Bundle company itself.

Basically, Humble Bundle collects a group of either books or video games–all downloadable–and makes them available to you for a twenty-four hour period at a discounted price of your choosing (though, I suppose, you could easily decide to pay double what the deal is worth). And, not only do you get a great deal, but you also get to decide where that money goes at the end of the day.

Is one of your favorite authors featured in the day’s Humble Bundle? Great! Choose to have all the proceeds sent to the authors. Is one of the listed foundations something you’ve been wanting to donate to for a while now? You can do that, too. Or maybe, just because you like Humble Bundle so much for the awesome stuff they’re doing, you want to give the money to them so they can keep being awesome.

I haven’t explored the Humble Bundle site in much detail yet (remember, I’m behind in my daily blog posts, so this was a first priority), but you can bet I’m going to. It’s an awesome concept and a great opportunity for readers to get exposed to books they maybe hadn’t considered before.

Oh, and I feel it’s important to note, today’s deal seems to revolve around the fantasy genre. You can bet your butt I’m buying. Donating? Whatever.


(Edit: Initially, I had thought this was a daily deal site, but it looks like it’s a weekly deal site. Sorry for the confusion!

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