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So, after being introduced to Humble Bundle yesterday, I started to wonder if there were many online daily deal stores for books out there. I mean, I love daily deal sites (think Groupon, LivingSocial, or, my favorite, Woot!). I also love reading, but most of the daily deal sites I’m familiar with don’t really include books.

So I got to digging, and this is basically what I found…

The standard eBook retailers.
Amazon is always running daily deals on select Kindle titles, and both Barnes and Noble and Apple iBooks do the same for the Nook and the iPad, respectively. Though I don’t own a device that reads Kobo eBooks, I have a feeling they also promote daily deals through their personal devices. These are great and easily accessible if you have a device for any of these services. I know with the iPad, I can get online and search the daily deals for both my Kindle app and my iBooks library directly from the device itself. It’s also super easy because it downloads the books to your memory immediately and you don’t need to hook up to a computer to get the goods.

Indie Book Of The Day.
Okay, so, technically this site doesn’t present its own daily deals. From what I’ve gathered, it goes onto Amazon and selects one of the top Indie books available for the daily deal every day. That means, essentially, you’re just looking at the Kindle deals again. However, this one specifically focuses on indie books (i.e. self published), so if you’re gung-ho about helping out those writers who chose this different-but-arguably-just-as-challenging path to publication, this site can help you find those books at a discount. A bit of a warning, though, I literally only found this website yesterday in doing my research, so I have no idea at the kind of books they highlight–or the quality.

Another site for self-published work, Smashwords, also offers discounted indie eBooks. This site looks like a competitor of Amazon for online publishing, without the clout of the Kindle backing it up. This is another site I just discovered today, but it looks to me that they offer online publishing services to authors, publishers, and literary agents. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I do know it’s possible to find affordable eBooks for download.

Google Play Books
Again, I’m not totally sure how this one works, but it looks like Android has an eReader app (no surprise there, competing with apple) for their tablets and phones. You get books for this app through Google Play. Bear with me, I’m learning this as I write it. I’ve wandered through the Google Play bookstore, and though I don’t see any readily available daily deals, I’m sure they’re in there, and I say that because of another really cool site I found…

Of everything I found in my research for eBook daily deal sites, nothing is as useful as BookBub. I actually signed up for it–and through BookBub I learned about Google Play Books and Smashwords. The idea is really simple. You put in your email address, and every day, BookBub sends you links to the daily eBook deals available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, and Smashwords. That’s right–all straight to your inbox (or only one of them, you get to choose which services it sends you deals for). Additionally–and the best part–is that you can also narrow it down by genre. If you only want to get deals on science fiction, you can tell that to BookBub and that’s all they’ll send you. Definitely check this one out.

Does anyone else out there know of any other awesome sites that let you download discounted eBooks? Let me know!


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