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writing is scary

Writing is scary.

August 28, 2013

So, last Friday I submitted a query letter for my completed manuscript of Martyrs to a query-review contest for New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc. You can read the submission guidelines here, but basically you send them your query letter and they tell you exactly why they reject it. No form letters saying, “We are sorry, but we don’t feel connected enough to your work to represent it at this time.” (Of course, unless they like my query, in which case they’ll request for more of your work. Considering the agent conducting this contest is Suzie Townsend, I would be very, very, very happy if that were the case. If Suzie Townsend wanted to rep my work, I’d probably pass out for a good three days. She’s one of the “Ryan Goslings” of agents. Okay, this is getting creepy. I’ll stop now.) Anyway, this contest is super cool because it will show me exactly why my query is getting passed […]

4 Programs for Writers

4 Top Programs or Applications for Writers

August 24, 2013

Writers in the good ol’ days did all their work by hand or on a typewriter (by the way, if anyone wanted to know what I’d like for my birthday, this would suffice). Today, though, most of our work is done on a computer. There are many programs writers use, from the simple to complex, to get their shit done. I use four programs more than any other when I’m working on something, and I use them pretty much equally. Okay, almost equally. Okay, not equally at all. How about this: I’ll list the programs in order of the most used to the least used. Sound good? Also, as a disclaimer, just because I think these are the best applications for writers out there doesn’t mean you will. You’re entitled to your opinion (however wrong it may be). Scrivener Scrivener is, by far, my favorite writing program. I seriously use it for everything from outlining to writing, all in the […]

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