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Setting the emotional scene.

May 20, 2014

We all know about setting the scene in as far as describing the setting, establishing the available characters, and bringing in the key plotline elements, but a lot of us forget about what it means to have a scene set in emotion. These kinds of scenes, the scenes heavily laden with emotion, come after, naturally, the most emotional parts of the story. When shit hits the fan, your scene better feel like shit hit the fan. In the excerpt from Martyrs below, Darius has just escaped a massive massacre, and he was knocked unconscious in the event. The emotions of this scene are pretty basic: confusion, disgust, and shock. Let me know what you think! Cheers, –MC * * * A low, resonate hum woke him. Cold, clammy sweat coating his cheek plastered his skin to a sticky, leather seat. Everything moved–the surface beneath him bounced and swerved. His body ached. A slash in his arm throbbed with each heartbeat. […]


A short character sketch.

May 13, 2014

Hey guys! So the last few days have been rough. Not only am I super busy, but I also came down with some nasty cold that’s made me exhausted, tired, and a bit queasy. Not so much fun. Because of that, I’m behind in my writing, and I don’t really feel like forcing out a shit blog post. Instead, I tracked down a character development I was working on with a friend a while ago. Basically, this is a fun writing sample. Sorry again for the lazy post. Hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough to catch back up with myself soon! Cheers, –MC * * * The trolley jangled and bounced along it’s asphalt-embedded track. Lynden was slender–at least he seemed slender compared to the busy hoard of morning commuters. Part of that was natural. Part of it was only perception. He held on to the side of the old machine, his long fingers clasped comfortably around the cool metal […]


Sneak Peek! Rising Tension.

April 13, 2014

Hey guys! Sorry today’s blog post is so late. Long story short (a long story that involves fixing irrigation, babysitting, and having a spider in my hair), I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write it. In favor of saving time (obviously, in saving my time, as I still need to write an article for tomorrow), I’m giving you guys a sneak peek at Martyrs. Yay! That being said, this excerpt is from a piece of the story where shit hits the fan. Not, you know, literally, because gross. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, –MC * * * But when he reached the bottom of the steps he paused. A man stood in the center of the room. Had he been there the whole time? Darius couldn’t remember. His shined, leather shoes glistened with blood. Darius recognized him. His suit. His stature. His steely gray eyes. The man from the market. A wide, wicked smile spread […]

In The Dog Ring

In the Ring.

March 27, 2014

This is a chapter out of the book I worked on for NaNo. I needed a break from the typical article writing, so this is what you get. Anyway, this piece is one of my favorites in the book. First, it’s in the first half of the novel, which is by far the better written part. Second, it explores two of my favorite characters. Additionally, it touches on events that happen in the prologue of the book. You can read that here. Cheers, –MC The basement was overwhelmed by the musky odor of dog piss, sweat, and blood. The wide, unfinished walls were packed with human bodies, drunkenly rubbing up against one another as they fought for the best view. There was a pit dug into the center of the room, two feet deep by ten wide. The rim of the hole was lined in rusted, blood encrusted chain link fence. People jeered and booed as a dead dog was […]


Writing Exercise: To be or not to be?

February 24, 2014

In rewriting Martyrs (five chapters away! Woot woot!), a lot of what I’m doing is simple. Sure, in the first half of the book I did a lot of major revamps of certain scenes and chapters, but for the second half, the half that was already more or less on par with what I wanted the plot to be, I mostly tweaked the writing to make it stronger. In the chapters I rewrote today, I focused a lot on tightening language. I noticed myself using a lot of verb phrases that include the words “was and were” (or any other form of “to be,” really). Think of it like this: “Dane was walking down the alley toward her,” or “They were speaking quietly amongst one another.” These are “to be” verb phrases, or verb phrases where the auxiliary verb is a form of “to be.” “To be” verbs include is, was, am, are, and were. This is commonly mistaken for […]


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