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Short Story: The Path of Least Resistance – Part Three

November 3, 2013

If you haven’t noticed by now, these sections are split by scene. Essentially, the break you get between blog posts is the same break that exists in the writing. In other words, I don’t leave you in the middle of a scene. Aren’t I nice? That being said, November is proving to be pretty hectic. I’m glad I decided to post this story, because that’s less work for me! I’m a lazy writer. Cheers, –MC * * * In retrospect, I’m sure Kenneth meant “get close” in a way unlike the approach I took. My way, however, was much more fun. After months of watching him, following him, and getting to know him through his mannerisms and habits, I knew how to make Lincoln Scott happy. I knew what things made him swoon and what things made him angry. I could glare at him and make him melt, or smile at him and make him fume. It was part of […]


Short Story: The Path of Least Resistance – Part Two

November 2, 2013

Hey guys! This is the shortest scene from the short story “The Path of Least Resistance.” All the other scenes are approximately 600 words long. This one is about 400. Looks like you’re going to have a quicker read this time! Cheers, –MC * * * That’s how my relationship with Link started. Or, at least, that’s what he thought. The entire ordeal had surfaced months before, in an office building over lukewarm coffee and a bit of bad news. I had looked down at the report in my fist and sighed. Link’s handsome face was looking back up at me. Demetrius, my partner and supervisor, glanced over my shoulder. “That’s Lincoln Scott,” she said. Demetrius’s voice was deep for a woman, bizarrely androgynous like the rest of her. With her short, cropped hair and shapeless, slender figure, her gender identity was as fluid as her behavior. The only constant in Demetrius’s life was her work–because her life was her […]


Short Story: The Path of Least Resistance – Part One

November 1, 2013

I dug up this short story while moving into my new house. I wrote it almost three years ago, right when the Partner in Crime and I had just barely started dating. This story was for a creative writing class I was taking. I wrote two short stories in that class–this one, and one that would give up some of the main plot twists in Martyrs, so you obviously don’t get to read that one. Sorry! This piece I wrote as a characterization experiment for some of the people in another book I’m working on. I won’t get into the technicalities of that book, as you may be able to figure out through context in the short story as you read along, but know that it is an urban fantasy novel. If things seem a little bit fantastical, that’s why. This story also functioned as an experiment in point of view. I tend to write in third-person, and I actually […]


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