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Short Story: The Path of Least Resistance – Part Eight

November 8, 2013

So there you have it! Here are the things I learned while writing/rereading this short story: Short stories are difficult. First off, I’m really, really used to having between 80,000 and 100,000 words to tell my story. Having to cut that number down to 5000 (this story clocked in just shy of that) is not easy. You have a lot less time to develop character and story. I’m not a big fan of first-person. I don’t necessarily feel like I didn’t do well here, and I honestly don’t believe the story would be as good if told from a third-person point of view, but I’m generally not a big fan of the introspective nature of first-person. For my books, I’ll stick with third-person. Hopefully that wasn’t too painful! I’d also love to hear critiques, if anyone stuck with me long enough to give them! Put them in the comments where other people can publicly see them. I’m not afraid! Cheers, […]


Short Story: The Path of Least Resistance – Part Seven

November 7, 2013

This story was so much fun to write in part because you get to see characters like Kenneth in a new light. Kenneth, in the book, is only in one or two scenes. Tops. And since the book is written from third-person perspective, as well as the fact that the scenes he’s in are high-stress scenes in which this kind of persona is unacceptable, this was a great chance for me to develop who exactly Kenneth is to the members of Blackout. Most specifically, this is also designed to show that the Blackout organization functions under strange rules. On the one hand, Eve could be killed for letting slip information. On the other, Kenneth is allowing her relationship with Link to continue. Cheers, –MC * * * I can’t say I was particularly surprised when Kenneth called me into his office a few days later. Link hadn’t answered or returned any of my calls, and similarly I hadn’t answered or […]


Short Story: The Path of Least Resistance – Part Six

November 6, 2013

This is probably my least favorite scene in this story. It’s not that it’s a bad scene, necessarily, but more that the character Link is different in my head now than he was three years ago and I don’t see this scene playing out the same way today. I’m not exactly sure what I would do to change it. I think it may just be that Link is more open, and therefore his conversations wouldn’t be over so quickly. I’m not sure. I could have edited it before I posted it, but I didn’t for two reasons. One, I’m lazy. Two, I’d like you guys to see it as it was before, not as it is edited. Anyway, read on! Cheers, –MC * * * By the time I realized I was in over my head, it was too late to back out. My options were simple. I could forsake Blackout, risk being hunted down by Kenneth’s men (likely by […]


Short Story: The Path of Least Resistance – Part Five

November 5, 2013

Another thing I practiced with in this piece was sensuality. I’m not necessarily against sex scenes in books, but I feel like they’re overused for shock value. That and if you write a sex scene and market your book as a romance novel, you’re probably gonna have a few buyers–romance is the top selling genre, after all. However, I think there’s something way sexier about not writing out the sex itself but instead letting the characters simply be sexual. Especially for this story, these characters, and the Race to which they belong, isn’t necessarily confined by the assumptions about sexuality that we are. That made this a fun exercise, for sure. Cheers, –MC * * * It was midnight. Link and I were sitting on the hood of his Camaro, looking out over the distant city from a secluded lookout point. After the heat and passion of a mid-summer escapade in the desert, we were letting our bodies, beaded in […]


Short Story: The Path of Least Resistance – Part Four

November 4, 2013

So, as some backstory, this short story takes place probably six or seven years before the beginning of the book I have planned. This was a great exercise for me in a lot of ways. It helps me not only establish Eve’s character, but Demetrius’s and Link’s, as well. By far, though, the most useful thing about this is getting to see Eve’s introspection. Eve, Link, and Demetrius all play large roles in the book itself so having them put together here is insanely useful to understand the way they interact later on. Cheers, –MC * * * “Jesus, Eve. Nicely done.” Demetrius was looking over the file. I watched her, impassive, as she flipped through the details. It had everything: accounts of the Feline homes and neighborhoods, population count, conflict history. After Link had opened up to me that first morning, he was more willing to answer my questions. In return, I played the “girlfriend” part. I listened, comforted […]


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