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Critique Partners enjoying cake

Critique partners are awesome.

August 21, 2013

Basically, you get some other writer you trust, and the two of you swap stories and give each other critique on the work. If you have a good critique partner, you’ll get honest feedback. If you have a shitty critique partner, they’ll just tell you all your stuff is awesome and never give you any recommendations on how to improve or comments on what didn’t “work” for them. (Unless you’re the Holy Grail of writing and every word you put onto paper is as perfect as a baby born via C-section. But you aren’t, so it doesn’t matter.) Ideally, a good critique partner will also be timely. My critique partner is. She’s awesome. In fact, you should go check out her website right now (here it is!). She and I write different genres for different audiences, but that doesn’t really matter since we’re both into reading all different kinds of books. We’re also cousins, so we’re obligated to love one […]

Outlining in Scrivener

Why outlining is my favorite (and least favorite) part of writing.

August 19, 2013

I’m at the beginning of a new novel, and you know what that means. Yup. I’m outlining. If you read my site before it went down, you’re already familiar with my borderline-violent opinion on how all authors should be outlining (if you didn’t read my site before, don’t worry–I’ll post a bit more on the topic–you can count on that). I outline everything. I outline so thoroughly the outline for my previous books could have been a book itself! (Seriously, it was over 50,000 words long.) I absolutely love outlining, but it’s a pretty tumultuous relationship. There are some pretty wicked awesome things about it, but there are also some sucktastic issues. For one, the single best part about outlining is getting to plan out and conceptualize your story. It’s awesome because you get to run ahead in the story. Instead of waiting to write out a 3,000 word chapter before moving onto the next big exciting plot point, you […]

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