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Martyr’s Sneak Peek for Thorn’s Birthday!

December 8, 2014

Hey guys! Today you aren’t getting a Monday Muse. Instead, you get a sneak peek into Martyrs! That’s mostly because I was swamped this weekend getting final preparations in place for our coming baby, attending Christmas parties, and visiting friends from out of town and I TOTALLY forgot to do a Monday Muse. Conveniently, though, today is also the birthday of one of my favorite characters in the series! Sounds like a perfect excuse to get out of a Monday Muse by giving you a taste of the novel. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, –MC * * * But when he reached the bottom of the steps he paused. A man stood in the center of the room. Had he been there the whole time? Darius couldn’t remember. His shined, leather shoes glistened with blood. Darius recognized him. His suit. His stature. His steely gray eyes. The man from the market. A wide, wicked smile spread across his […]


Writing and the internet.

December 5, 2014

So. You may have noticed you guys didn’t get a blog post on Wednesday! Oops. Maybe it’s the pregnancy brain–I’ve been forgetting everything lately (thank god I’ve been keeping my appointments in my phone’s calendar with tons of alerts or I’d probably have missed one of the gazillion things I’ve had to do this last month). Maybe it’s the fact that work picked up and I’ve been busier when I get home. Or maybe it’s because I’ve got just over a month left til my due date and I’m kinda freaking out getting ready for the baby (AAHHH!). It could also just be that my husband and I got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby and I’ve spent way more time playing that than I should. Anyway, sorry about that, folks. Now that my year-long blog-a-thon is over, though, I’m not going to worry too much about missing a day here or there, especially since, as I said above, I’m […]


Monday Muse: Daylight Horror

December 1, 2014

Most horror stories focus on something that goes bump in the night. What is something we should be scared about during the day? –101 Horror Writing Prompts * * * She wasn’t sure what she’d seen, but she couldn’t help herself but to look out the cafe window again and again, down the brightly lit alley bustling with people doing their last-minute Christmas shopping, to see if she could spot it again. It was silly, she told herself over and over. No man was that tall, that thin, and, as far as she knew, anyway, everyone was born with a face… But she couldn’t shake the feeling that whatever it was still lingered there, somewhere, just beyond her sight. “Are you okay?” Jamie’s mother’s voice made her turn her head and her attention back to the uneaten lunch on her plate. Her mother’s eyes were weary and concerned–probably because she’d asked her grown-ass daughter this same question four times in […]


Monday Muse: Terms and Services

November 24, 2014

“When I agreed to the terms of service, I had no idea that it would lead to this.” –1,001 Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Creative Spark * * * Noah wiped the blood from her forehead. It smeared against her skin and left streaks across the back of her hand. She could feel it dribbling from a cut somewhere above her hairline, but the whole area was on fire and she couldn’t tell exactly where she’d been hit. All she knew was that some of it was coming down across her face, and the rest made her golden waves hot and sticky against her scalp. That didn’t matter, though. Noah got to her feet and cast a glance over her shoulder at the debris from the old apartment complex. A tiny body moved against her chest. Small fingers absently groped at Noah’s cardigan, her shirt, and the leather strap to the satchel at her side. The girl moaned, her eyes […]


Your idea sucks.

November 21, 2014

Maybe not this idea, maybe not the idea you had before this idea, but at one point, and eventually, and often, you’re going to have an idea that really, truly sucks. You’ll think it’s awesome at first, and you’ll work on it a lot and think about it all the time. You may even start writing it down. Then one day, you’re laying in bed and everything just clicks. Or, if you’re like me, it unclicks and suddenly you’re doubting everything about this idea. Something just isn’t working, and you’re not sure what, but it makes you doubt the whole thing. From here, you have two options: One, you can try to fly with the idea anyway and see if you can’t fix what’s wrong with it, which is something a lot of writers are apt to doing if only because they don’t want to consider the time they’ve spent developing the idea as “wasted” time. Or, two, you can […]

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