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Why George R.R. Martin was right to give his fans the finger.

July 14, 2014

This is a little late coming, but you guys have probably heard by now about George R.R. Martin literally giving some of his fans the bird in an interview. Why? Because apparently people are really worried he’s going to die before he finishes his books because he’s “fat and old.” Okay, let me rephrase. He gave the interviewer who asked him what he thought about his fans worrying he was going to die before he finished his series the bird. And rightly so. George R.R. Martin isn’t exactly a fan of people assuming that because he’s “fat and old” that means he’s going to croak before finishing his series. He’s got five of the planned seven (and I read somewhere there may even be an eighth) books complete, and fans are antsy for the next book in the series to come out. It’s no surprise, considering Martin’s popularity has skyrocketed since the Game of Thrones show basically took over and […]


Bones, character development, and writing.

July 3, 2014

The Partner in Crime and I have been watching Fox’s Bones for a few years now. We started out on Netflix and watched up to whatever was current, then we’d wait a few agonizing months for the latest season to be added to the list before we could continue. We finally caved a few weeks ago and bought Hulu Plus so we could watch the latest season without having to wait for the next one to start. Essentially, we have three episodes until we’re all caught up. Overall, I really do enjoy the show. I think Hodgens is the best character EVER and I love his weird oddities and fascinations. I think they’ve done a good job blending weird interns into the overall chemistry of the cast without causing too much mishap (though there are a few interns I really can’t stand). The baddies they go up against (AKA the serial killers) are crazy psychopaths you love to hate. I’m […]


Don’t get caught up on the little details.

June 30, 2014

Yesterday I talked a bit about our bathroom and what a major pain in the ass it’s been to fix that and all the other things the original designers and contractors skimped out on when building the house in 1991. Luckily for you (and for me, for the sake of getting a new blog post done every day), I didn’t only get a spurt of inspiration from being frustrated about people taking the easy way out. I also got some inspiration for positive things! Basically, now that we’ve got the new bathtub in, the new walls up, and the new plumbing (mostly) in place, we’re onto tiling. I mentioned that in the last article, too. Tiling is a big job. Before two days ago, I didn’t know jack shit about all that went into a tiling job, and boy am I grateful my father-in-law worked professionally in tiling for a few years when he was in college. Otherwise, the Partner […]


Don’t cut corners.

June 29, 2014

So, this weekend has been busy. As I prepare for my family to visit next week, revel in my newfound energy now that my morning sickness has mostly subsided (my husband warns me against making that claim because every time I do I seem to puke later that night–let’s put that to the test), and enjoying the nice weather, my Partner in Crime and my father-in-law have been putting up the tile in our new bathroom! Okay, it’s not a new bathroom. It’s the new bathtub nook. Either way, it’s gonna be beautiful (you can see a sneak peek up in the picture above!). Long story short, we bought the house we’re in and discovered a slew of issues soon after (like the fact that our septic line was clogged by giant tree roots–and that giant tree-roots had messed up the driveway and that our insurance needed that fixed before they’d cover us, and that, unhappily, our master bath leaked […]

The benefits of fanfiction

The benefits of fanfiction.

June 28, 2014

Most people who know me today have heard my “rant” on fanfiction. The basic gist of it is that I think fanfiction is a waste of talented artists’ time and energy. They’re basically focusing all of their skills into a medium in which they literally cannot make a living (the few exceptions like Fifty Shades of Grey are so unheard of it’s not even worth addressing this counterargument–it just doesn’t happen). Beyond that, it also limits the number of truly talented writers out there–because many fanfiction writers are really good at what they do–bringing brand new work to the forefront. However, all that being said, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t at least admit to the fact that I started off my long-form writing career with fanfiction. The fact of the matter is, one of my favorite characters from The Martyr Series started off as an original character concept I had for the Harry Potter world, and I wrote […]

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