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Monday Muse: A Letter on Life

October 27, 2014

“Write an anonymous letter to a stranger detailing the things you’ve learned about life.” –642 Things To Write Journal * * * To whom it may concern, It’s strange to look back and recognize two very important things about who I am at this exact moment in time: one, that I am still very young, and two, that despite being very young, I feel like I have a better grip on what is important in life than many of my seniors. Part of that could be that I’m proud of myself and of who I’m becoming. I know too many people–too many very young and very old people alike–who hate something crucial about who they are as a person. I feel like this mindset has made it harder for them to appreciate what the world has to offer. Anyway, before I start rambling about that, let’s get down to business. Like I said, I’m young, and in being young I’m […]


Monday Muse: Unwelcome Rewards

October 20, 2014

“Write about a person who wins something she does not want.” — Noah’s eyes snapped open. She took a breath–wait, no. She didn’t. And she hadn’t really opened her eyes, either, had she? She simply began to see again, after being trapped in the dark for so long. Minutes? Hours? Days? Noah wasn’t sure. The world around looked strange to her–gray and fuzzy, like a fog had descended on the city and gave her just enough of a glimpse of the objects around her to make out their shapes but not enough to let her focus on one. Some of the shapes moved. Figures of men and women, shadows and silhouettes floated around, like ghosts swarming a figure on the ground. The figure was the only thing Noah could make out clearly, but something kept her from paying attention, like part of her consciousness knew she wasn’t ready to take it in. “Ouch. That was hard to watch.” A man’s […]


Monday Muse: Your Name.

October 13, 2014

How were you named? If you feel that your name is boring and the story behind it equally so, make up a name and come up with an interesting story behind that. –1000 Awesome Writing Prompts * * * Like most young children between the ages of five and fifteen, I spent several years of my adolescence absolutely hating my name. I hated the way the word sounded when it slipped from the tongue. I hated the spelling. I hated the fact that, when you put the letters backward, it was still just as painfully dull and uninteresting as it was when it was spelled the proper way. But I especially hated that, whenever I or anyone else heard the name, they associated it not with the young, vibrant girl I was, but with old women who lounged around all day, watching television with the captions on. That’s right. I hated my name because I felt like it was an […]


Monday Muse: A tragic love story.

October 6, 2014

”A car accident shatters the protagonist’s life but at the same time brings a new love (paramedic, doctor, physical therapist, fellow member of a counseling group) nto it.” –1200 Creative Writing Prompts * * * Even after three years, that car crash was still tearing Darius’s life to shreds. Rain fell like bullets around him, hammering off the playground equipment above and around his head. He pulled his jacket–already several sizes too small for his awkward, lanky limbs. Dad had never bothered to buy him new clothes after the crash, like he hadn’t noticed his son had continued to grow even after his mother had died. Mostly, it was like he hadn’t noticed he still had a son at all. Not that it mattered much now. Darius wiped his runny nose on the back of his hand and sniffled. He convinced himself it was just the cold. After all, he wasn’t some little kid anymore. He was twelve–almost thirteen. He […]


Monday Muse: Who did it.

September 29, 2014

Someone is sitting on a park bench reading about a recent string of crimes. This person knows who did it. -1200 Creative Writing Prompts * * * The leaves had long since fallen off the trees in central park, and those leaves had been hidden months ago by a thick layer of white powder. Snow burdened the park, giving its barren trees and empty walkways a heavy, lonely feeling. Alan sat on a park bench just off the path from the chess boards with the paper folded on his lap in a neat, tight rectangle, and he simply stared at the spot where, just a month earlier, Donovan had died. Simon’s call that morning licked at the back of Alan’s mind until he couldn’t ignore it anymore. The message was only three words long, but those three words were bricks on Alan’s subconscious. “Read the paper.” He didn’t need to open it to know what he was going to find […]


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