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Holy crap – I’m making a tiny human.

August 13, 2014

Yesterday, my Partner in Crime and I had our nineteen-week ultrasound appointment for our pregnancy (oh my God, that means we’re practically halfway done!). This was the fun ultrasound, since it was all about anatomy and making sure the baby was growing into a healthy little person. Everything is looking absolutely perfect and totally adorable, by the way–if you couldn’t tell from the ultrasound in the above picture. I think it has my nose! Anyway, as I’m sitting in the chair in that dark room, holding my husband’s hand while the technician probes by growing belly with an ultrasound device, we watched our little baby’s insides go flying by. Seriously, the ultrasound can see inside the body of our growing little parasite. We got to see eye sockets and ribs and tiny little finger bones. Soon, the technician switched to the 3D view. We watched our little baby’s face as the woman talked, as she explained that most babies look […]



August 11, 2014

Have you ever heard that if something’s going to go wrong, it’s all going to go wrong at the same time? You know, like, maybe you decide to build a chicken coop, fix your irrigation, and spend a bunch of money remodeling your bathroom only to have your car crap out on you when your bank account is still a little sore? Add to that the fact that you and your husband decided to have a baby and you’re on a nine-month path to medical bills and diaper expenses, and you’ll get a taste of how my morning felt. That’s right. On the way to work today, our car just… stopped. You know. In the middle of the freeway. We coasted to the side of the road and my husband and I just looked at one another and… We laughed. Because of course that’s how it’s going to work. While he got out to see if he could find the […]


Swimming the lake.

July 28, 2014

This weekend, my husband swam across a lake. Okay, it was actually a reservoir, and technically the water level was decreasing due to a drought in the area, but still. He swam from one shore to the other and then back again all on his own. We were camping with a group of my favorite people and he was so excited to get in the water. My Partner in Crime is a big swimmer. His family was really involved when he was young, probably because his father was a coach and he and his brother learned to swim almost before they were walking. So when we decided to go camping on the reservoir, the first thing he packed was his speedo and his wetsuit. It was kind of traumatizing, to be honest, being the pregnant wife of the crazy guy swimming across the lake on his own. It was especially traumatizing because people were boating and jet skiing across the […]


It’s begun: writing the baby book.

July 16, 2014

I can’t say being pregnant has been particularly difficult so far. My first trimester wasn’t too hard. I lost four pounds because I was too busy puking to eat much, but other than that, it was pretty breezy. Really, the most difficult thing about it was not being able to call up my mom and not just share the good news with her, but to ask her about her own pregnancy experience and talk about what I was going through. After all, they say we tend take after our mothers in this regard, and I wish I had mine to ask. Luckily, though, my mother thought ahead. I don’t think she thought ahead specifically to the unseeable and unpredictable incident of her premature death, but she definitely thought ahead as far as giving my sisters and I a document of our childhoods and her pregnancies with all of us. When Mom passed away, Dad gave me the two thick baby […]


Awesome Book-Themed cakes

July 8, 2014

Hey guys, guess what! Today is my birthday! Woo! It’s been a crazy but exciting year. Because I don’t want anyone (especially myself) to have to work (or read) too much on my birthday, I decided to do something more awesome. I’ve been collecting awesome pictures of literary-themed cakes from around the web and I figured we’d have an awesome book-themed cake day! Because we all know how much I love cake. So, let’s look at some of the coolest cakes I’ve found around the web: Lord of the Rings There are so many awesome Lord of the Rings cakes out there. These are my favorites, mostly because they’re absolutely phenomenal. The first is great because it has the books themselves stacked like volumes, which I absolutely love, and the vines? UGH. This second cake, though… This second cake totally takes my breath away. I wouldn’t be able to eat it. I’d just want to stare at it and admire […]

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