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Cake and babies!

September 7, 2013

Guys, I have an announcement. No, I’m not pregnant. But I have friends who are! And you can imagine how I felt when they asked if I (okay, my husband and I, but let’s face it–I’m the one who was going to end up doing it) would bake them a cake for their gender reveal party. It pretty much went down like this: Her: “Hey, do you want to bake the cake for our gender reveal party?” Me: “OMG YES.” Anndd there you have it. It wasn’t until a few days later when I stopped to think “…the hell, I’m not a cake decorator!” Shit. I took to the interwebs and found remarkably little inspiration. People were copying each other left and right. There are lots of polka-dots on gender reveal cakes. Lots of “Is it a…” and “Him or Her?” That was boring. Then, in the dead of one in the morning, I had a great idea: a sandbox […]

Boca Reservoir Labor Day Weekend

Busy Labor Day Weekend.

September 3, 2013

So, while I was away this weekend, do you wanna know how many spam comments this site received? Thirty-six. And that’s not including the forty-eight my spam filter caught. That’s just the comments that slipped through the filter and popped up in my email inbox. I was out of town again, camping where I had cell service but avoided it because I didn’t have electricity so using my phone was pretty much pointless, and I returned home to find my inbox absolutley full of Japanese spam comments. At least those are the easiest to sort through. As of now, they seem to have stopped. Luckily, I make sure to approve any and all comments before they go up on my blog, so none of them actually made it onto the site. Ugh. Anyway. This was another busy weekend and I’m going to be lazy about posting because I write all my blogs the day before and I am exhausted. By […]

Mendocino Starfish

Mendocino: the foggiest place on Earth.

August 25, 2013

If Mendocino isn’t really the foggiest place on Earth, it’s at least in the top ten. Maybe the top fifty. But it’s up there. Every year, the Partner in Crime and his family go to the coast to catch Abalone (AKA, the most expensive meat on the market). If you aren’t familiar with what Abalone are, they’re massive mollusks divers peel off shore rocks with a long, iron rod. You heard right. The most expensive meat on the market is essentially a giant, slimy, sea-snail. Anyway, every year the PiC and his family travel to the coast to hunt these little buggers down–and by hunt I obviously mean casually swim up to them, pick out the largest ones, and pry them off rocks. The actual family trip is next month, but my husband and his best friend were set on going this last weekend, so away we went. Now, I don’t dive. It’s not that I don’t like the idea […]

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