MCHunton and the River

Up and running again!

August 15, 2013

Hey folks. For a while now, has been MIA. This has been for two reasons: I was busy and lazy (you can be both simultaneously, don’t give me that look). In the midst of starting my own company with a few awesome friends, stressing out over time and money, and getting married (which contributed a great deal into the “stressing about time and money” thing), I just… stopped caring. I know, I know. Bad author. And, as it turns out, my absence led to another issue… My site was attacked by malware. Since I’m no tech wiz and I didn’t know how to dig through the code to figure out where the malware was, I opted to remove my whole site. This, of course, lost all the content I had previously written and destroyed my design, but what can you do, eh? This may seem like a bad trip, but I’m actually a little refreshed. Shortly before I’d gotten […]

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