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4 awesome tech toys for writers.

October 29, 2014

For the last few days, I’ve been hanging out with family and getting ready for my baby shower this upcoming weekend. That being said, last night I made cookies instead of writing this blog. Oops. Since I don’t want to spend a ton of time slapping one together, I figured this fun list would suffice. And hey, it’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season! Basically, I’ve hunted for fun, techy toys writers will LOVE. Well, not all writers, but some writers. I actually got the inspiration for this from a friend who posted a link to the first item on this list to my Facebook wall. Anyway, let’s get into it! Hemingwrite This device isn’t actually available yet (though it looks like there are competing, dedicated writing devices on the market already, if you really can’t wait). The idea behind this awesome toy is basic but elegant: you get to write without the distraction of the internet! The best part? […]


Monday Muse: A Letter on Life

October 27, 2014

“Write an anonymous letter to a stranger detailing the things you’ve learned about life.” –642 Things To Write Journal * * * To whom it may concern, It’s strange to look back and recognize two very important things about who I am at this exact moment in time: one, that I am still very young, and two, that despite being very young, I feel like I have a better grip on what is important in life than many of my seniors. Part of that could be that I’m proud of myself and of who I’m becoming. I know too many people–too many very young and very old people alike–who hate something crucial about who they are as a person. I feel like this mindset has made it harder for them to appreciate what the world has to offer. Anyway, before I start rambling about that, let’s get down to business. Like I said, I’m young, and in being young I’m […]


It takes more than a great story.

October 24, 2014

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know this awesome news, but I’m going to write an article about it anyway because I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. Yesterday, my cousin and critique partner officially signed on with an agent for her Young Adult manuscript! Wooo! For those of you familiar with the traditional publishing method, you know that the first big step to getting published is finishing your manuscript. The second (and equally if not more challenging) big step is landing an agent to represent your manuscript to the thousands of publishers out there looking for the next big thing. Many writers, myself included, are still in that “looking for an agent” stage. Hopefully, we won’t stay there for long. But my cousin has done it–she’s leapt up into the next stage of traditional publishing. From here, we wait to see if her agent can sell her book and get it put up on shelves nationwide. (Dude, I’m so […]


Software review (kind of): Scapple

October 22, 2014

With how much I rant and rave about Scrivener (my all-time favorite writing software), it’s probably a surprise that it’s taken me so long to try out the other software developed by the same company: Scapple. Where Scrivener is a fancy word processor designed to help writers keep their stories organized, outlined, and overwhelmingly beautiful, Scapple is a different kind of program entirely. Scapple is basically a really simple but extremely elegant brainstorming program, which, actually, is exactly why I haven’t downloaded it until now. You see, with the vast majority of the Martyrs brainstorming totally done, I didn’t see the point in buying a program designed around brainstorming and developing a new story. I’d already gotten through that stage of the Martyrs saga, so it seemed pointless to download Scapple for the sole purpose of inputting the brainstorms I already had into it. I wasn’t developing a new book, after all. But the last few weeks I’ve been playing […]


Monday Muse: Unwelcome Rewards

October 20, 2014

“Write about a person who wins something she does not want.” — Noah’s eyes snapped open. She took a breath–wait, no. She didn’t. And she hadn’t really opened her eyes, either, had she? She simply began to see again, after being trapped in the dark for so long. Minutes? Hours? Days? Noah wasn’t sure. The world around looked strange to her–gray and fuzzy, like a fog had descended on the city and gave her just enough of a glimpse of the objects around her to make out their shapes but not enough to let her focus on one. Some of the shapes moved. Figures of men and women, shadows and silhouettes floated around, like ghosts swarming a figure on the ground. The figure was the only thing Noah could make out clearly, but something kept her from paying attention, like part of her consciousness knew she wasn’t ready to take it in. “Ouch. That was hard to watch.” A man’s […]

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