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Monday Muse: Who did it.

September 29, 2014

Someone is sitting on a park bench reading about a recent string of crimes. This person knows who did it. -1200 Creative Writing Prompts * * * The leaves had long since fallen off the trees in central park, and those leaves had been hidden months ago by a thick layer of white powder. Snow burdened the park, giving its barren trees and empty walkways a heavy, lonely feeling. Alan sat on a park bench just off the path from the chess boards with the paper folded on his lap in a neat, tight rectangle, and he simply stared at the spot where, just a month earlier, Donovan had died. Simon’s call that morning licked at the back of Alan’s mind until he couldn’t ignore it anymore. The message was only three words long, but those three words were bricks on Alan’s subconscious. “Read the paper.” He didn’t need to open it to know what he was going to find […]


Book Review: The Blue Blazes

September 26, 2014

You know how I said I was going to try to read a book every month for the next year? Yeah, well, I’m not doing so great with that. Turns out, being pregnant takes a lot out of you and it’s hard to read when you’re sleeping instead. It’s also hard to read when you’re so busy with work that you’re working way more hours than you’d expected–and it was especially hard when I was still writing a blog a day. Anyway, I’m cutting myself a lot of slack because really, there’s no use in beating myself up over it. I have been reading a lot more than I had been, though, which is awesome, and the most recent book I finished was The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig. That’s right, folks. You’re getting a book review. The Blue Blazes Genre: Urban Fantasy Rating: 4 out of 5 stars How’s that for a book review layout, eh? I talked a […]


My family is awesome.

September 24, 2014

By far, the hardest part about my pregnancy has been not having my mother here with me. Most women go through their pregnancies with an abundance of support from their families, and especially their mothers, who are eager to see their grandchild brought into the world and who know better than most what their daughters are about to go through. I’ve had several friends who have talked about how much closer they and their mothers grew during the nine months of their pregnancies, and how much more they appreciate their mothers now that they themselves are one. I’m really sad I’m missing out on that. The second hardest part has been being so far away from my side of the family. Don’t get me wrong – my husband’s family is absolutely amazing, and they’ve been more than supportive enough. I don’t want to sound like I’m not grateful for all the love and affection they give me, because trust me, […]


Lazy Monday.

September 22, 2014

All right. It’s not really “lazy,” so much as it is “Now that I don’t have to write a blog post every day to keep up with some ridiculous promise to myself that I would for an entire year, I’m not going to.” You’ve probably gathered by now there’s no “Monday Muse” this week. Here’s why: I’ve been out of town since late night Friday and, in fact, as this article is being posted to my website, I’m most likely on my way home at thirty-thousand feet. Considering I’ll be far too pregnant to travel for the holidays this year, my husband and I went down to Spokane to hang out with my family before the baby comes. The last year of writing a blog every day was fun and exhilarating, but also exhausting. I promised myself (and my Partner in Crime) I wouldn’t work myself to the bone now that the year is up, so I didn’t write a […]


How writing made finding baby girl names almost impossible.

September 19, 2014

Thank god my husband and I are expecting a boy. Not only was it super easy for us to come up with a boy’s name that we both really loved (we had Calvin picked out for our first son’s name before we even got married), but I’ve pretty much ruined eighty percent of the girl’s names I actually like. In other words, I’ve used them for characters in my books. That may seem like no biggie, right? Like, “of course, MC–you’re a writer. It makes sense that you’ve used the names you like in your novel.” And while yeah, that is true and sensical, it also makes it really challenging for coming up with names for my future children. Because, you see, in some way, shape, or form… I’ve already used those names for children. A perfect example is Mackenzie. I love the name Mackenzie. I love the nickname Mack. I think it’s super cute and fun. I also have […]

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