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Thank you, Robin Williams.

August 12, 2014

I’m not one to obsess over celebrity news. In general, I don’t care a whole lot about that side of things. The vast majority of what we hear is tabloid bullshit, steeped in half-truths and gossip. Actors and actresses live such a vastly different life than the one my family and I can expect to live–a live of fame, fortune, and the tragic misfortune of having cameras and microphones shoved in their faced all the time–that I can hardly relate. As much as these “news sources” try to make these people relatable to me, they simply are not, and I simply don’t care. That is, except in extraordinary cases. Robin Williams is one of those cases. Today, I’m taking a break from writing about my life or about writing, because today is a day to honor one of the most amazing men out of Hollywood I’ve ever seen. Robin Williams was more than an actor and a comedian. He was […]



August 11, 2014

Have you ever heard that if something’s going to go wrong, it’s all going to go wrong at the same time? You know, like, maybe you decide to build a chicken coop, fix your irrigation, and spend a bunch of money remodeling your bathroom only to have your car crap out on you when your bank account is still a little sore? Add to that the fact that you and your husband decided to have a baby and you’re on a nine-month path to medical bills and diaper expenses, and you’ll get a taste of how my morning felt. That’s right. On the way to work today, our car just… stopped. You know. In the middle of the freeway. We coasted to the side of the road and my husband and I just looked at one another and… We laughed. Because of course that’s how it’s going to work. While he got out to see if he could find the […]


Okay – we’re going to talk about Amazon again.

August 10, 2014

Amazon is at it again, this time asking people to send emails to Hachette directly, asking them to decrease their eBook prices to $9.99, a number Amazon is convinced will be better for everyone involved. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news–or you haven’t read the two articles I’ve published on my own site covering the matter–here’s a quick rundown for you. Amazon is in a big battle over eBook prices with publishers, specifically Hachette. Basically, in the course of this whole thing, Amazon is delaying shipping of certain hardcover books, not carrying books at all, and even going up and over Hachette’s head to try to make-nice with the authors represented by the company. It’s hardly a surprise that none of the big names in the publishing world have given Amazon’s new eBook subscription service, Kindle Unlimited, their blessings (or rights to use their books). So, that being said, Amazon is now not just trying to address […]


Read whatever the hell you want.

August 9, 2014

Okay, so–I have a lot of blog posts out there about certain kinds of books I don’t really like to read. The list includes romance and erotica, horror, young adult, and make-you-cry books, just to name a few. Additionally, as an urban fantasy writer, I spend a lot of time talking about reading urban fantasy (or, more accurately, looking for urban fantasy that isn’t actually paranormal romance in disguise). You’ve also probably heard me say a few things about my general distaste for epic fantasy and the like. Anyway, my point is, it probably sounds like I’m a little snobbish and judgy about the books people are reading. Additionally, even before I “went public” with any of my preferred reading genres, I’d have people who were embarrassed to tell me what kinds of books they like to read, or which books are their favorite books, because as a writer, I must have a really high opinion on that sort of […]


Work with people you like.

August 8, 2014

I’m really lucky. When I left the “typical work force” to start a business of my own, it was with people I really, really liked. I look forward to going to work every day because the people I spend that time with are people I really enjoy spending that time with. We’re more than just partners in business: we’re really, truly, amazingly great friends. Most people don’t have that kind of relationship with their coworkers. Most people have a more casual relationship, acquaintances more than anything. A few very unlucky folks have truly horrible coworkers or bosses that make their jobs borderline impossible. It’s… a pain in the butt, to say the least. But we’ve just got to deal with it because, in the long term, we don’t have much of a choice over who we work with. In this economy, if you need a job, you can’t necessarily afford to be picky just because you and a coworker don’t […]


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