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Is the gender divide because of publishers… or because of writers?

August 17, 2014

So, this is a cool thing to note, and something I hadn’t known until my cousin showed me this article: did you know Guardians of the Galaxy was co-written by a woman? Honestly, this shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is. It shouldn’t be, because honestly, we shouldn’t give a shit about the gender of the person writing the great movies, books, and various other media out there, but we do. And it is a big deal because apparently, according to the article, Nicole Perlman is the first woman to write a Marvel movie script. She’s also the second to get big writing credit in a Marvel movie. So, it’s awesome because it may help us finally see the merit of women writing science fiction or fantasy, but it’s kind of awful, too, because since we’re so unaccustomed to women writing science fiction and fantasy media, it even merits this kind of attention in the first place. In an […]


Writing for you compared to writing for other people.

August 16, 2014

When you’re a working writer–you know, the store-clerk-by-day, novelist-by-night kind of writer–you’re pretty familiar with writing for yourself. When you’re a professional writer–the kind with clients and whatnot, not the kind that has your books published–you also have to adjust to what it’s like to write for someone else. It’s the advice we hear all the time from famous novelists: write for yourself. Basically, write because you love to write. And that’s a true sentiment for any writer, whether your day job is writing-related or not. However, when you rely on articles, website copy, or various other kinds of client-based writing to make a living, you need to balance writing for you and writing for someone else. For your creative projects, definitely write for YOU, but it’s hard to “write for yourself” when you’re maintaining a blog about something you’re only marginally interested in. Here are some of the big differences between writing for yourself and writing for other people. […]


5 reading nooks I wish I had in my house.

August 15, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s a lazy day for me. In other words, I’m really busy and I don’t want to think of a longer blog post. Instead, I found a bunch of my favorite reading nooks because, well, I want one. When my husband and I can afford to do some more serious remodeling on our house (and when we’re done with remodeling that’s necessary rather than just, you know, fun for me), maybe we’ll look into building one. For the moment, I can live vicariously through the internet and the awesome reading nooks other people have in their homes. These were five of my favorites, but really, there’s no shortage of awesome nooks to check out online. Under The Stairs Underneath my stairway is a Harry Potter closet we use for storage instead of orphaned wizard children, but there’s something definitely alluring about the idea of having a reading nook tucked away in a space like this. Most under-the-stairs […]


Deleted scene from Martyrs: The Mirror.

August 14, 2014

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post–again. I’m super swamped with work and, you know, the whole being-pregnant thing, so I’m falling behind in getting them done before noon. Oh well, at least they’re still coming! A while back, I wrote about how sometimes we need to decide which scenes need to stay and which ones don’t really deserve a spot in the novel. You can read that blog here. Anyway, I decided to give you a peek into one of those very scenes from Martyrs. This scene was in the first rewrite and cut out of the second. Needless to say, now that I’ve written the story four times total, there’s absolutely no remnants of this scene at all. That’s for a few reasons: One, this scene makes Thorn seem way whinier than I want her to be. Thorn’s character changed significantly after this version, so it had to change. Two, this scene doesn’t really carry any importance to […]


Holy crap – I’m making a tiny human.

August 13, 2014

Yesterday, my Partner in Crime and I had our nineteen-week ultrasound appointment for our pregnancy (oh my God, that means we’re practically halfway done!). This was the fun ultrasound, since it was all about anatomy and making sure the baby was growing into a healthy little person. Everything is looking absolutely perfect and totally adorable, by the way–if you couldn’t tell from the ultrasound in the above picture. I think it has my nose! Anyway, as I’m sitting in the chair in that dark room, holding my husband’s hand while the technician probes by growing belly with an ultrasound device, we watched our little baby’s insides go flying by. Seriously, the ultrasound can see inside the body of our growing little parasite. We got to see eye sockets and ribs and tiny little finger bones. Soon, the technician switched to the 3D view. We watched our little baby’s face as the woman talked, as she explained that most babies look […]


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