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Will eReaders make us worse readers?

August 29, 2014

With the way today’s world is moving (more to the digital and less toward the physical), it was only a matter of time before we looked at the effects of reading books in print versus reading them on electronic devices. As this article indicates, several studies have been done already, discussing the difference in recollection and whatnot between reading from eReaders compared to traditional print books, but this is the first I’ve seen come up on my radar, so I figured it was worth exploring. (Thanks to all my reading, writing, and literary Facebook friends for providing me with continual fodder for this blog!) Anyway, let’s get back to it: according to this and several similar studies, reading comprehension goes down when people read from an eReader compared to people who read from print sources. Surprised? I’m not. This article goes into a few theories about why–specifically, in this case, that remembering the order of certain plot elements is easier […]


It’s a boy!

August 27, 2014

For those of you who have me on Facebook (which, from what I can gather, is the majority of my readership at the moment), this isn’t exactly new news, but I’m so excited I have to write about it anyway: My husband and I are expecting a baby boy! Come January second, the world will have another dangerous force to reckon with: Calvin Lee Lintz. My entire childhood, I’d always dreamed of having boys. Maybe it’s because my mom was one of seven girls, and I was the oldest of three girls myself, but something about having a son was really attractive to me. It wasn’t necessarily that my sisters were awful. To be honest, the three of us were really awesome girls. I’ve heard horror stories about what some little girls turn into during their teenaged years, and none of us really went through that. And it wasn’t that I didn’t get along with my sisters, either. All in […]


Monday Muse: Pretending

August 25, 2014

Okay, since this is the first Monday Muse, I wanted to give you guys an idea on how these posts will look. After that, anything above my sign-off won’t be in future Monday Muse posts. So! Let’s get started! First, I’ll have the prompt itself as well as the source of the prompt (right now I’m pulling from a book called “The Pocket Muse.”). Next is my own writing sample based on the prompt above. Note, I will spend no more than thirty minutes to an hour on each piece of writing, so many of them are incomplete, and that’s totally okay. When you do your own piece, you can take as little or as much time as you’d like, but I like having flash fiction pieces. Not only does this almost always guarantee they’re short enough for a blog, but then I don’t get burnt out or stressed it it’s not perfect. Remember, this is just a prompt! And […]


A new year at!

August 22, 2014

So, I’m not going to lie–it’s been nice having a bit of a break from writing for my blog all the time. But now, as I promised, I’m going to let you know what you can come to expect from I spent this week cleaning up my house for a barbecue I’m having this weekend, working more than I want to admit I was working, and planning the new schedule now that I’ve finished my insane mission of writing one blog every day for an entire year. I’ve put so much work into this site, I can’t just let it fall to the side, can I? I came to a few conclusions (with the help of my husband and my Google Analytics account), and I’m excited to share them with you. So, starting on Monday, August 25, this is how things will look around here: Three-Day A Week Schedule So, while I’m not going to do a blog every […]


The end is here!

August 18, 2014

I don’t know how many of you have been paying attention, counting down the days until my “write one blog for my website every day for an entire year” mission would be complete, but I’m here to tell you… today is that day. That’s right. As soon as this blog post publishes, I’ll have written three-hundred and sixty-five blog posts in just as many days. There are actually more blogs published on the site, since I’d written two before I’d decided to do the year-long thing, but that’s not important. What is important is that I’ve made it. It’s been a long year, so let’s go over what I’ve learned from this whole experience. One, it’s hard as shit to write a blog every day for three-hundred and sixty-five days. Harder yet when you go on two long vacations in that span and have to write the blogs ahead of time to make sure you don’t fall behind. Like, seriously. […]

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