for July, 2014
Mobile Apps for Writers

4 great mobile apps for writers.

July 1, 2014

In an article not long ago, I talked about how awesome technology can be for writers. One of the biggest benefits to technology, arguably, is the mobile tablet. It’s pretty much like having a laptop you can carry in your purse anywhere you go (sorry, dudes–time to get a man-satchel). With a bluetooth keyboard, you can pretty much do all your writing on-the-go and keep it digital, which makes converting it back to your primary word processor super simple. As always, there are awesome programs and applications writers can use, especially writers who use tablets to do their work. Here are a few I was able to track down. Dropbox Okay, to be honest, Dropbox is one of the best programs ever, regardless of if you’re a writer or not. You get a certain amount of storage for free, and it syncs with all your computers and your devices. Essentially, you can keep all your documents all the time, no […]

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