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Language and vocabulary in long-form works.

June 25, 2014

I have a handful of friends I met when I was young, maybe eleven or twelve, and I’d first gotten involved in a big online writing community. Most of the people in the community were right around my age, and for years we wrote together, creating stories and characters and intricate worlds and plotlines. Though the writing community ebbed and flowed, I eventually exited more or less permanently to get more involved in my education and my personal writing, but I still kept contact with a handful of the girls I talked to on a regular basis. One of these friends in particular has been sending me samples of her recent works for commentary and critique. She’s really talented, and it’s always fun to look at what other writers are up to. It’s also really cool to see how much she’s grown since we used to write together on that forum. Best of all, we have really fun and insightful […]


Benefits to writing with technology.

June 24, 2014

Since I wrote about the benefits of writing things out by hand yesterday, it seemed only fitting to write an article covering the other side of the spectrum: writing with technological assistance. Again, like I stated in my last article, the vast majority of us do write using technology and not the “old fashioned” way, so maybe this list is totally pointless, but it’s good to consider nonetheless. Realistically, I consider my computer to be my most important writing tool when it comes down to getting serious work done. Most of what I write free-hand is done purely to help me work through problems, experiment with language, or just jot ideas and scenes down without worrying too much about whether or not those things will ever come to light in my final drafts. However, when I sit down to write at my computer (with Scrivener at hand–can you tell how much I love this program?), it’s time to get some […]


Benefits to writing by hand.

June 23, 2014

My typing speed is well above average–and by now I’m so good at typing I can accurately get words onto the page without looking at the screen. I just wrote that entire sentence without looking once and I didn’t make a single mistake. That’s what happens when you write all the time–for work and for pleasure. You get really effing good at typing. Most writers are probably at least vaguely familiar with this, and even if they didn’t take a true “typing” class, they’re probably better than their peers just for the sheer practice of it. As such, most writers today do the vast majority of their work sitting behind computer screens and clicking their word counts away on keyboards. Add to that the fact that there are dozens of awesome writing softwares available for us–softwares that give us awesome tools that help us create our stories–and it’s probably hardly a surprise that we’re so glued to our technology when […]



June 22, 2014

Well, today is Sunday, and, going with the current trend of my blog writing, I am, of course, late in getting this entry up. I have a slew of excuses–from my morning sickness to my brand new nephew (yay!), my computer being dead and my charger at work to the fact that there are people working on my bathroom and my house is a total disaster of a construction zone. I could also blame the fact that I’m exhausted–actually, I could just blame this whole “not getting my blogs done on time” thing on my pregnancy in general, but I’m not going to do that, in part because it’s a total lie and in part because I just wrote a blog about making excuses and it would be super duper lame for me to come in here and start making excuses. So, there you go. The last few weeks have been extremely tiring. Work has picked up quite a bit, […]


4 best writing classes for aspiring novelists.

June 21, 2014

My viewpoints on writers getting an education are pretty clear. Though I understand it’s not possible for all aspiring writers to afford a full-blown, accredited college, it is possible for almost anyone to take select writing courses at community college, universities, and even various organizations around the country (especially in bigger cities than the one I’m in). Having the skills and practicing is fine and good, but I speak from experience when I say that it’s really difficult to learn the same material you learn in a classroom full of other aspiring writers. In the course of my undergraduate degree, I took a lot of English classes. From political writing to 20th Century British literature, and in their own way, each of them helped influence the way I write. However, when it comes to focusing on creative writing, and specifically, writing a novel, there are four classes I think proved invaluable to me in improving my craft. As such, these […]

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