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Happy Memorial Day–and look! More Martyrs!

May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Today, you’re probably enjoying a day off, relaxing around the house, and maybe planning a big barbecue for tonight. It’s great that we have the opportunity to get a little time to ourselves and to our families this weekend–that kind of time is always appreciated. Because I want to spend the day with my husband, too, and because (again) holidays are usually the days where people don’t get online to read up on the blogs they follow, today I’m giving you another peek into my writing rather than a totally new article. This is a look into Martyrs–a short follow-up on the most recent sneak-peek you guys got. Cheers, –MC * * * Abraham drove them outside of the city, southbound until the buildings were more sparse, spread between blocks and blocks of empty land. At one point, Abraham pulled into a gas station, swiped a card through the credit slot, and the car began to […]


Storytelling comes in many shapes and sizes.

May 25, 2014

In a conversation some time back, I was talking to a friend of mine about the Firefly graphic novels that came out several years after Serenity to help close off the story. In this conversation, he made a comment that caught me off guard. First, he was surprised I’d be even interested in reading graphic novels. Then he said something along the lines of, “I think most writers are a little snobbish about it.” First, to preface, I have no idea if that’s true. Of the writers I personally know, none of them seem to have any issues with graphic novels. However, I kind of see where my friend was coming from. There’s this assumed authority, this idea that “my method of telling a story is superior to your method.” It’s not just in writing: there are several different storytelling methods and, though I can’t prove it, I wouldn’t be surprised if some artists in these mediums see their way […]


When a book is good, the rules don’t matter.

May 24, 2014

In the course of following my blog, you’ve probably read quite a few articles about my personal preferences in the books I read. They’re pretty consistent. On average, there are a few things I “need” to really enjoy a book. Those things are… The book is written in third-person perspective. The book is written in past tense. The book is aimed at and written for adults. And, finally, the book has to be quick-paced. Obviously, these are entirely personal preferences to me, and other readers and writers will have different “rules” about the books they usually like. When it comes right down to it, though, when I’m reading a book, if these four elements aren’t in-place, I tend to not enjoy a book as much as one that does have these pieces. For this reason, I tend to stay away from Young Adult fiction, because Young Adult novels frequently use first-person, are written in present tense, and, obviously, aren’t aimed […]


Why writers drink.

May 23, 2014

One of the stereotypes about writers is that we’re all raging alcoholics, and with good reason. A lot of the great writers we’ve grown up reading were pretty much drunk all the time. Hunter S. Thompson, for example, and Tennessee Williams. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who’s ever read a single shred of Edgar Allen Poe’s work that he was also sufficiently drunk (and drugged) most of the time. You know what they say: most stereotypes are based in truth, right? So why do writers drink? I think I have a few reasons… Studies show alcohol gets the creative juices flowing! Seriously! Because of the way alcohol affects our focus, it helps us think “out of the box” and open up our mind to other possibilities and solutions. It’s actually not that uncommon for writers to have a drink on hand while they’re working or brainstorming. I guess, though, it’s fair to clarify that the studies done […]


Where’s the original movie content?

May 22, 2014

Who’s excited about the new Batman V. Superman movie (ignoring the awful promotional poster and questionable casting and–well, you get my point)? What about the upcoming Avengers? The inevitable follow-ups to The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, and all the other superhero movies coming out? What about the Divergent films? Those seem to be pretty popular. And The Hunger Games? Man, there are so many movies based on books coming out I can hardly contain myself. It seems like every time I go to the theaters I hear about yet another sequel to a movie that is way past its heyday (Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone?), movies within popular franchises that have been around since before I was born (though I am actually looking forward to see what J.J. Abrams does with the new Star Wars installments), or MORE movies based on books, comics, and memoirs. This is fine and dandy. Some of this stuff is really, honestly, legitimately good. Avengers […]

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