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Blogging vs Creative Nonfiction

Blogging vs. Creative Nonfiction

August 31, 2013

A couple days ago, I posted this piece of creative nonfiction, and it occurred to me that people may wonder what the difference is between “just any ol’ blog post” and “creative nonfiction.” And then, of course, my husband says to me, “You’re better at writing than you are at blogging,” and that made me think about it, too. Aren’t “writing” and “blogging” essentially the same thing? Apparently not. But I get his point. The way I write when I’m actually focusing on the writing is way different than the way I write for an average blog. For example, if you compare my post about Mendocino with the one about my mom, you can see a pretty stark contrast in the writing. According to our good friends at Wikipedia, creative nonfiction is “a genre of writing that uses literary styles and techniques to create factually accurate narratives.” Essentially, it’s a factual story (think journalism) that reads like fiction. Some people […]

Sneak Peek - Trip to the Underground

Sneak Peek: First trip to the Underground

August 30, 2013

Hey guys! In the midst of getting ready for a busy weekend camping and packing up our house for the move in ten days or so, I’m lazy. BUT! I am not so lazy that you aren’t getting a blog post, as I promised. Instead of writing down some tips or giving you a rant, I’m going to give you a peak into my favorite book, Martyrs. For those who don’t know, Martyrs is the first book I’ve ever written. I started it when I was fifteen, and since then it has evolved into an intensely complex, seven-book series. The first book has been rewritten three times and now stands on the shelf waiting for one of two things: another rewrite or a publishing deal. It really comes down to how that query contest turns out. That will help determine my next step. That being said, this book is one of my favorite things in the world. There isn’t a […]

busy writer

Writing Roadblocks: Busy Schedules

August 29, 2013

This has been a busy few weeks for me. Not only is California on fire (and sharing her smoke with us over here in Nevada–hey California! Thanks for that!), but the Partner in Crime and I just bought a new house! We close on the ninth, and until then we are so busy it’s ridiculous. Last weekend, obviously, we were camping in Mendocino. This weekend, we’re going out to Boca Reservoir. The weekend before we move, we get to take part in a friend’s gender reveal party (and we get to make the cake, so we get to know if the baby is a boy or a girl before they do! Bwahahahaha!). That being said, being busy is really tough on writers, or at least it’s tough on me. Between working, trying to pack for our move in the evenings, taking care of way-too-many animals, and being gone/busy every weekend, sometimes it’s overwhelming. When I finally DO have time to […]

writing is scary

Writing is scary.

August 28, 2013

So, last Friday I submitted a query letter for my completed manuscript of Martyrs to a query-review contest for New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc. You can read the submission guidelines here, but basically you send them your query letter and they tell you exactly why they reject it. No form letters saying, “We are sorry, but we don’t feel connected enough to your work to represent it at this time.” (Of course, unless they like my query, in which case they’ll request for more of your work. Considering the agent conducting this contest is Suzie Townsend, I would be very, very, very happy if that were the case. If Suzie Townsend wanted to rep my work, I’d probably pass out for a good three days. She’s one of the “Ryan Goslings” of agents. Okay, this is getting creepy. I’ll stop now.) Anyway, this contest is super cool because it will show me exactly why my query is getting passed […]

lung cancer

The worst is over.

August 27, 2013

It wasn’t about “what ifs” and “I can’t handle this” anymore. It wasn’t about possibility; it was about reality, and the reality was that every day the world kept spinning and I couldn’t sit there in that hospital room forever.

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